Obsessed with helping female entrepreneurs show off their extraordinary brands with a beautifully crafted website.

Redbull lover,
gym addict &
donut connoisseur

Hey y’all, I'm Chantelle

Even though having my little girl, Capri, was a main priority in my life, I knew I still wanted to start my own business.

The world often tells us that we have to choose between work and family. But I believe finding a healthy balance between my business and raising my daughter has helped me to be more successful in life.

Mom + Entreprenuer

Who says you can't have it all?

Freelancing for marketing agencies made me want to start my own business.

During a seven year span freelancing for marketing agencies, I developed a passion for website design.

While the experience was great, I struggled with the lack of control I had in workflow and deliverables for our clients. I had little input over website timelines, which often lasted 4–6 weeks, unique website layouts based on client needs, and even the design process

I realized that I had a desire to manage my own business. While writing up my basic thoughts about how this would function, I addressed all of the above issues, offering expedited timelines, streamlined processes, and unique designs for each client.

Fun Facts

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Salty Feathers

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Favorite hobby

Mountain Biking

Favorite Drink

Tangerine Redbull

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