Helping entrepreneurs skyrocket their sales with strategic branding & website

I have worked on over 100 design projects, helping businesses increase their return on investment through strategic branding & website design. 

Because of this, I know the strategy that will get your target audience eager to buy your products. There's a misconception in the design world that anyone can throw together a website or logo. And sure, anyone can throw together a website on Wix or a logo in Canva. But if your design isn't rooted in strategy, you'll have wasted time building a website that doesn't convert and ends up making you look like a total amateur. 

So, let's make a deal - I'll hook you up with a bad-ass brand & website, while you focus on building your pride and joy!

I'm Chantelle

Hi ya'll!

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8+ years experience in web design and branding for more than 100 clients.

What I bring to the table


I design websites to give your clients' a flawless user experience that keeps their customers coming back.


My processes keep my clients in the loop every step of the design process, so they always know what to expect - and when.


Can't stop, won't stop: I'm always learning about the next big thing so that my clients' sites are on the absolute cutting edge.


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Take a peek at what I've whipped up recently...

Recent Projects

Take a peek at what I've whipped up recently...

Recent Projects

A few things you should know about me

what would be my last meal on earth?

Choriqueso & chips

 favorite drink

Tangerine redbull (rip)

my weird quirk

i have misophonia

dream car

ford raptor

what motivates me

Garden & farm animals here I come!

buildiing a barndominium on land

what is my sick obsession?


It's legit my therapy

someday I want to

start a podcast

dream vacation