The Brow Bar

The Brow Bar is a PMU training program that's known for its hands-on teaching & exceptional support. The brand encourages a three-step learning approach which has been proven to be effective in providing students with the necessary skills & confidence to begin their PMU journey. The brand aims to empower & create more well-rounded PMU artists, thus transforming the PMU world.


In order to help position The Brow Bar as a leader we:
  • Researched her competitors and noticed all of them went for a luxurious & glitzy branding with similar color schemes . We knew that in order to stand out we needed a brand that felt luxurious yet approachable, playful, & welcoming. 
  • Selected a color scheme that is unique to her industry to ensure she will stand out, thus increasing her brand awareness.
  • Created a distinct marketing strategy that will help showcase what makes The Brow Bar unique & have her target audience running to sign up. 
  • Created social media graphics that go hand-in-hand with her marketing strategy - showcasing her student wins, permanent makeup transformations, promoting her training programs, & so much more.


When Cecile reached out to Capri & Rome she:
  • Had zero branding in place & knew this was holding her business back from scaling.
  • Wanted to become a top trainer in her industry but knew her direct competitors were standing out due to their distinct & cohesive branding. 
  • Had scaled her instagram following to 65.5k but felt that her social media presence was lackluster, sporadic, and disorganized.
  • Was proud of her signature 3-step training approach but wanted to market it better.

Premium Branding

"From the onboarding process to the delivery of all the files, your communication was on point!!! I really appreciate your ability to take my jumbled ideas and turn them into something beautiful. I LOVE that you gave me design directions to choose from. It really helped me narrow down what I wanted for my brand. & The amount of research you did for my business was beyond what I expected and I literally could not believe the amount of insight you gave me. Your input on aspects of the design and marketing strategies were great and feedback was so helpful to me making decisions. I’m so excited to apply all the beautiful branding designs and marketing concepts to my business so I can finally give my clients and students the experience they deserve!"

"All I can say is WOW!! Thank you for making the process so smooth and easy to understand."

The Brow Bar Owner

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