The Sweet Bee Company

The Sweet Bee Company sells 100% real, raw honey made in America. They pride themselves in being pure & unfiltered sustainably farmed, & helping save bees. The owners are The Sweet Bee Company treat their bees like family and their honey proves it. They proudly harvest natural wild honey varieties, including Orange Blossom, Gallberry, Summer Wildflower, Winter Wildflower and many more. Scroll down to read more about their AMAZING results.

The Game Plan

In order to fix these problems, this is the steps we took:
  • Move entire design over to Shopify so to create a more cohesive and professional website. This will also improve her SEO efforts. 
  • Since her older target audience was getting stuck on the homepage we wanted to fix two things. First, we wanted to incorporate more shoppable sections on her homepage to increase conversions straight from the homepage. Second, we completely revamped her design to make it stupidly-simple for users to find the exact product they were looking for. We did this through adjusting the menu and adding in a shop by category section.


When Kalee first came to us she was not happy with her current website. Here's why:
  • Instead of creating her entire website on Shopify, her prior developer built half her website on Wordpress and the other half on Shopify. This made the user-experience incredibly clunky, disorganized and unprofessional. 
  • It was not built for her older target audience. Her users did not know how to use a mobile 'hamburger' menu and would get stuck on the homepage. Because of this her users thought she only had four products total since those were the only ones showcased on the homepage.
  • She was not getting the sales she desired.
  • Customers were not able to leave reviews.
  • Didn't communicate what made her business and products so special.
  • Wanted to showcase higher quality product images.

Custom Shopify Website

The Results

The Sweet Bee Company has already seen crazy results since launching in May 2023:
  • 300% increase in weekly sales within the first two weeks of launching
  • 39 new email sign-ups within the first 3 weeks
  • Already seeing brand new customers from all over the USA thanks to her new SEO
  • Increased user experience: customers are now easily navigating to product pages, thanks to our change in mobile menu and adding more shoppable sections throughout website.
  • Her customers have mentioned how much easier the website is to navigate

See it live

  • She wanted to increase her email marketing efforts. To support this we incorporated a 20% off pop-up to increase her email subscribers. With her target audience in mind, we designed the pop-up to be in the bottom right hand corner of the screen with a big x-out button so that her users would not bounce of the website.
  • She wanted to advertise her honey stand for locals so we incorporated a section to raise awareness.
  • We wanted to increase brand trust & credibility so we incorporated several trust symbols throughout her website design.

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